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My Family and other Mysteries

Check out our podcast.  Based on a story in Chasing Rainbows.  You can find it here or search for it wherever you find your podcasts.


Wanda, the white-haired witch, loves to sing but she soon gets into trouble. Can Jenny save the day?


Sweet & Sour is a collection of words and images inspired by 3am writing sessions around a general theme of disconnection. The poems range from serious sestinas to frivolous free verse. From lost love to rape, depression to dementia and tongue-in-cheek, rolled eyes commentary on modern life.


Can we be too big for bunnies? Granddad thinks so but does Daddy know better? A gentle exploration of the expectations we place on little boys.


Based on several years of research and personal experience this book aims to expose the covert narcissist hidden in plain sight, whether that is in your workplace, your social group or even your own family.  Identifying the characteristics of narcissism and discovering that you’re not alone can be the first steps to healing from this hidden but deadly form of abuse.


Chasing Rainbows is a layered portrait of an English family spanning a time period from the early eighteenth to the late twentieth century.  The story begins with the author's six times great grandfather William Rainbow, born around 1710 in the village of Cotesbach, Leicestershire and traces his descendants to the present day.  This genealogical journey takes in the world of the Victorian actor, the Edwardian journalist, the Passive Resister and the gory details of a shocking crime.


A collection of illustrations and artwork of all kinds of dogs. From the pedigree to the mixed breed, happy, sad, big, small all are depicted with a loving eye for detail. Primarily pen and ink and watercolour, there are also ballpoint drawings and sketches combined with digital backgrounds.


Edwin was a journalist, author and Registrar of Births and Deaths in the city of Coventry at the turn of the twentieth century. In 1916 he rewrote and updated an old edition of a guidebook, Walks Thro’Coventry, During four city walks he leads us street by street, sharing tales of the origins and growth of the city. He describes the significant buildingsand businesses of the day and transports us backto a different place, before two world wars,the decimation of the city by the Blitz and the rebuilding of modern Coventry